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Over 30 Years Experience

Your digital antenna is your insight to the world. However, this potential can only be realised when your TV device is properly installed, upgraded and maintained.


Quality TV Antenna Installation


Whether you are replacing an old TV antenna or installing one for the first time, we can get the job done. First, we will assess your specific needs. Every building has different mounting considerations, and we work tirelessly to make sure you get the right device. We can provide mounting on the roof or on a separate pole. Every installation is handled to ensure that the device is secure, but we also make sure that all other factors are taken into account. Your TV antenna must be carefully positioned to receive the full signal, and it is imperative to verify that the area is clear from geographical landmarks that may impede your signal. If you are not sure what type of device is right for you, we will take the time to explain all the options. This includes the latest digital upgrades and the best boosters in Australia.


Precision TV Antenna Repair Options


If you already have a working TV antenna, you may still need repairs. Repair work can be undertaken when your signal is disrupted or the device is visibly damaged. Repairs must be assessed by a professional in order to ascertain the true nature of the problem. In some cases, the device may simply be too old to fix. However, we have innovative solutions that look at the wall plate, connectors and splitters. These additions to your device may seem helpful when you first install them, but they can lead to many complications if installed poorly. We can also reassess the position of your device in order to see if there could be other factors that may be affecting the quality of your signal.


Full ATV Antenna Service


We know how valuable your TV is to your lifestyle. Let us help you make sure you have full access for all your personal needs. At ATV Antenna Service, we have more than 30 years of experience, which means we are thoroughly equipped for any job. If you are thinking about installing a new device or are having problems with your current TV antenna, you can contact Steve or Phil on 1800 441 114. Alternatively, use our contact form and one of our team will be in touch with you.



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